Patient Advantages

Patient AdvantagesEveryone dreads going to the emergency room. Long wait times, minimal service, and sometimes sub-par care are just some of the results of mismanaged emergency rooms. CES brings a fresh perspective and a new level of expertise to emergency room treatment and management. When hospitals partner with CES and implement our proven initiatives, patients experience better service and better health outcomes while increasing the overall efficiency of the emergency department.

Streamlined Emergency Room Processes

With our unique management methods, we bring a certain level of expertise. Our quality service initiatives have reduced inefficiencies and raised the standards of emergency practice across the board. For patients this means improved care, lower costs, and better patient satisfaction.

Local Doctors

Our physicians work and live in the Peoria area. We believe that when the doctors share the same values and concerns as the residents, it brings a level of community that translates into our care. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best care to our neighbors, friends, and family in Peoria.

How to Find a CES-Managed Emergency Department

We currently partner with local Peoria hospitals to provide unparalleled emergency care to Peoria patients. Check out our partners page for specific locations where you can find CES-managed emergency departments in Peoria. At these EDs, you are sure to receive exceptional health care with minimum wait times at these hospitals. Peoria is known to be an epicenter for fantastic health care, and CES is happy to contribute to the world-class treatment of local residents.

For more information about the patient advantages of using a CES-managed emergency department, contact us today. Call (309) 999-1090 to speak with our friendly staff members.